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Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve been on, and I apologize. There are some things that I wanted to tell you, just to clear up. The first thing is even though I love curvy people and my body, I do wish sometimes I was thinner. This makes me feel like a hypocrite and a coward. However, I feel like we all think that sometimes. It’s almost like a relapse. I’m comfortable and loving my body one day, and then I compare myself to other girls who are thinner. But I realize, this is completely normal. You just have to beat up that feeling, but please know that I love my curves and you should to. But you will have negative feelings sometimes. 

The second thing I wanted to say was that I feel people think I’m not curvy and it’s not right for me to say I’m curvy. I just want everyone to know, my butt, my thighs, and my stomach are very curvy. Please do not get mad if I say I love my curves because I do have them. I just have a small bust. I also think some people are saying that I’m not curvy simply because I’m white. This, though, does make me angry. Any race or nationality can have curves. 

Also, I think people also need to know why I made this blog. Please know, I did NOT make this blog to say that people who are very lean are “anorexic” or “not real” or “unattractive.” I made this blog to show people that curvy people are beautiful too, because the media praises thin people enough and don’t accept curvy people, especially women. However, let this be clear: everyone is beautiful as long as they are happy and healthy. If someone is obese to the point where they aren’t healthy, then, yes, I feel like they need to exercise and eat healthier. If someone is too thin to the point where they are are not healthy and fit the criteria for an eating disorder, I do not support that either. I don’t like this whole “fitspo,” “curvespo,” and “thinspo.” I simply support healthy, happy bodies. 

Please ask or comment anything in my ask box. Thanks for listening!